Subtitles make all the difference…

…at least to those who love international cinema. Subtitling is a quick and cost-effective way of making a film, documentary or video accessible to a wider audience abroad.

And on DVDs, subtitles are a fixture these days: both in other languages and for the hearing-impaired in the original.

Subtitles also allow the voices of the original actors to do their job, thereby keeping the original vision of the director intact. But that only works in a satisfactory way if subtitlers know their job.

Good subtitles:

  • split sentences in the right place
  • do not give information away prematurely
  • are concise so you can read all the text on the screen
  • do not contain typos
  • come in exactly at the right time
  • are written by someone with excellent language skills.

When I write and spot subtitles…

…they give you all the information you need to understand what is going on. They are there when you need them and respect cuts. They are a skilfully shortened version of the original. The language takes its cue from the dialogue in the film. The eye can quickly grasp their meaning. In short: they are professional subtitles.

The software I use is also professional (EZTitles) and can export the subtitles into any format you require.

I will readily discuss all the technical details with you. Alternatively, you can leave it to me to decide on aspects of subtitling such as the length of lines, reading speed etc.

  • Part of Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles
  • Freeway south of Los Angeles
  • The inside of a tulip
  • People passing in Chicago Airport
  • Leaves of a tree in California